5 Steps Quality Control Procedure
  30 years of experience allows us to develop a unique quality control system, a five-step ¡°Zero Rejection Rate¡± quality control process to secure the best quality in our products. All products are required to go through 5 quality-station passes to ensure ¡°Zero Rejection Rate¡± quality standards in our shipments. The procedure requires all products to stay above the floor from material procurement to packing. These stringent procedural measures have allowed us to guarantee and deliver world-class quality products to our clients.
Our Strategic Material Partners
  We are a partner in procuring advanced materials from world-class material suppliers such as 3M and DuPont. The most popular designed-in materials include:
Backed by experienced specialists in Research & Development
  We have a full research and development team dedicated to improving and advancing our products through cooperative research efforts with the world-class material suppliers. We constantly introduce functional high-tech fabrics and cutting-edge design concepts to provide customized products for our clients, serving their diversified needs in style, function and quality.
Best equipped
  To ensure our leading edge in the production line, we upgrade facilities and purchase the latest capital equipment available annually.
Social Responsibility
  SUN GRACE assumes its corporate social responsibility by stressing high quality living and social standards. High living and social standards increase our production efficiency and attention to quality, allowing SUN GRACE to outperform our competitors and achieve continuous growth.